Movenote Review
February 18, 2015
The recording interface for the MoveNote software.
The MoveNote recording interface simply could not get any easier. One button start/stop, and click-and-drag to add slides. Click the title field to rename. Click video camera icon to toggle video on/off.

Just did a quick exploratory session into MoveNote, a new tool that is half video screencast and half voiceover slide presentation creator.

+    lets you export video as mp4
+    lets viewers send replies either as text or video
+    provides quick and easy embed code and multiple sharing options
+   fairly fool-proof recording interface
/    playback interface doesn’t allow changing audio playback speed
/    I don’t see how to add closed captioning
/    I would like to be able to show a dynamic view of my screen, rather than static images
/    It would be nice to be able to add replies at exact points in the timeline, rather than just a response to the recording as a whole

For the “negs” listed here, I think this tool is a no-go for me, but perhaps when it has been further developed and has more accessible integration, it will be a good tool.