Scannability Reduction
August 3, 2015

I made up a nice little graphic for a presentation I did last week (get our handout here) and wanted to share. See also my previous post with other tips to increase scannability of on-screen text.

Some usability issues are inherent or embedded in the software interface itself, such as the ease of setting up a Moodle activity. This is usability from an instructor perspective. But some usability issues, mainly from a student experience perspective, can be solved by simple design decisions the instructor can make while setting up the Moodle course website. Take […]

This post appeared as a guest author post at the University of Minnesota’s Techniques In Teaching and Learning (TILT) blog on March 29, 2015. We – and our students – live in an Internet-saturated world, spending an average of 29 hours per month online. Web designers, usability experts, user experience designers and content strategists study and improve […]

Today I watched one provided by Sonic Foundry (maker of Mediasite) that was worth the entire watch. However, if you don’t have 61 minutes or don’t want to give Sonic Foundry your contact info, I’m providing my notes (organized in themes – not in order presented in the video). Link to the full webinar Experts […]

Writing for scannability
February 8, 2015

On the Nielsen-Norman website, my first stop for all things web usability, there’s a great little post called “Concise, SCANNABLE, and objective: how to write for the web“. Reading for instructional designers and instructors who prepare content for the web. In a nutshell, to write for our learners where we intend them to read instructional […]

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